Our Vision & Mission


Education is an essential way to nurture critical thinking, empower people to handle challenges and find solutions to sustainable growth. On this ethos rest the pillars of our Vision and Mission. We believe in the following 5 core values and imbibe the same in each student

The Depth:

The very purpose of schooling remains focused on holistic development of personality, including knowledge, skills, values, creativity and interpersonal characteristics. School being the place for learning and caring; learning comes before testing. And, achievement is defined in relation to one’s own development and growth, rather than in relation to universal standards.

The Length:

Our education policy has been built upon longer-term vision and strategic principles. Equal opportunities for all and putting learning before teaching comes under such principles. Rather than seeking short-term gains, we focus on consolidating these basic values within the education system.

The Diversity:

Our school is based on the idea of inclusive education that promotes diversity in school and classrooms. Steering of teaching and learning has never been based on written standards, rather upon the guidelines encouraging creative solutions within increasingly diverse social and human environments.

The Resourcefulness:

Young, talented and creative individuals have been appointed to lead the school, guided by the belief that competencies often override routine experience. A systematic and research-based way is introduced to prepare, continuously develop and maintain knowledge and skills of future leaders.

The Conservation:

A balance is struck between bringing new innovations and employing existing good practices. While doing so, the school is also ensuring a key acknowledgement to teachers’ wisdom and establishing that learning from past experiences is at least as important as introducing totally new and often alien ideas.